кошка is a tiny ginger and white lionhead doe born in approx June 2016 who was rescued from a breeder who was going to cull both her and her brother due to misaligned front teeth, which have since been corrected. The rescuer couldn’t cope with her coat and brought her to us in September 2016.

Кошка и лев

She lives with Lev and is an exceedingly lively happy little rabbit who sometimes looks more like a cat than a rabbit because only the tips of her ears poke out from her long mane. They currently live in an aviary which has a rabbit tower that was donated to us. Rabbits love climbing and will always choose to sit at the highest vantage point they can get to. The tower is open at the bottom so they are never shut in, but the aviary is double meshed to make sure that it is secure. With their thick coats Koshka and Lev were the best rabbits to allow out at night during the winter, although we also added perspex double glazing and insulation to the doors so they had a cozy area when they wanted it.