Isabella with us 2015-19

Isabella was a magpie harlequin doe born in 2011. She came to us in early 2015 as she was too difficult to manage and had scratched a child’s face. She lived with Rio in one of our big enclosures until he died. She really didn’t like people and kept well out of the way. I had to stand well back to let her go to bed for her dinner at night on her own terms.

She does not seem well since having been vaccinated. There is no particular problem but she has had a couple of episodes of bloating and has somewhat lost her appetite. I am observing her carefully and stepping in with fibreplex and gut stimulants when necessary. Rio didn’t show signs of a reaction as quickly as she did but after a couple of months he had lost a dramatic amount of weight and died during the heat in July 2018.  It is a pity I didn’t exclude these two from the vaccinations on age grounds.

I hoped Isabella is strong enough not to succumb to the grief of losing her long term companion and the stress of a new bonding. She rebonded well and had another happy six months but her health gradually deteriorated and she died in Jan 2019.