Goose is a grey dwarf lop buck who is extremely friendly and good natured. He was born in 2016. He came to us in April 2017 with his ill companion a very fluffy lionhead Anka with lots of health problems. She eventually became paralyzed after what must have been a back injury worsened that had already caused her to self multilate both her bottom and back feet and we were forced to make the difficult decision to put her to sleep as her quality of life was just not good enough. We rebonded Goose with another very fluffy lionhead Mariposa and he was tasked with being as happy as possible on Anka’s behalf as well as his own. Sadly Mariposa also died so he now lives with Bilberry and Filbert where he acts as a referee to stop them getting out of hand. He is dominant in the nicest possible way, ideally suited to keeping old unneutered Filbert from taking too many liberties.

Sadly Filbert took to bullying Bilberry and Goose wouldn’t tolerate it and a serious fight happened and we had to separate them. So Goose lives with just Bilberry now. He is a very sedate rabbit with the dubious talent of doing very convincing dead rabbit impressions. He is probably completely deaf. He doesn’t seem to notice anything. This doesn’t bode well for his future. Lops always get ear infections but he is still a bit young for it to be so extreme already:(