Dahlia is a red eyed white doe who was found in a cardboard box in a park with her sister Nightshade. The box was in some bushes and was discovered by someone’s dog. The dog’s owners took the box to a nearby sanctuary but they said no without even opening the box! Another turned them down by phone. By chance one of our volunteers was at the sanctuary adopting a ferret so they called us next. As the only two places we could have suggested they take them to had already said no and because I had a weak moment they came to us despite us being over full already. They had to go in a boarding hutch temporarily. Despite the bad start that really was their lucky day. They lived very happily in one of our best enclosures with Rowan as Rowan’s brother sadly died leaving a place for them. Unfortunately the two does had a big fight and Dahlia was injured so she was removed from the trio to heal and then was rebonded to Magic with whom she has lived since.