Dachs is a black rex buck. He came to us via the Blue Cross in early 2016 after he was found straying in a car park in very wet weather. His feet were so sore he could hardly move. Rexes are very prone to sore feet. His were red raw. He lived in a group of other rexes but outlived them all. Then he was with Nutbrown and Summer but she died too. Now he is with Nutbrown, Alvin and Ivy.

They currently live a big shed, with the driest run we have as rexes cannot tolerate their feet getting wet, although Dachs’ feet have healed completely now. He is an incredibly friendly rabbit, although not as much as when he first came when he would actually fall over in a rapture of bliss when stroked! These days he gets the affection he craves from other rabbits and is not dependent upon humans for it. We estimated that he was about two when he arrived but as he has become bony and is starting to look like an old rabbit this was probably quite an underestimate, I am revising the estimate to his being born in 2010. He has lost weight since he was vaccinated and has developed previously unseen gut trouble although it is common among rexes. I am wishing I had not vaccinated him, or indeed any of them as quite a few previously healthy rabbits have become ill since.