Cocoa was a beautiful chocolate lop doe born in March 2011. She came to us as her owners did not have time to give her enough attention. When we first took her in we tried to bond her twice and failed. We had only agreed to take her as a new friend for Eric, but that went out the window! She was a big strong bossy girl and had become more confident of that fact since learning how happy she could be. We finally did manage to bond her however and she now lived with Biscuit and Chestnut in one of the sheds very happily. We tried to add another rabbit after Biscuit died but it didn’t work. She developed head tilt and was quite unwell in early 2019 but then seemed to recover and I foolishly vaccinated her in June but a month later she died, suddenly getting bloated and dying without efforts to help her having any effect:(

Attempting to bond Mallow with Cocoa ( and Chestnut)