Biscuit,with us 2014-2019

Biscuit was a large speckled lop buck who was blind in both eyes. He came to us in December 2014 due to his owner moving. He was adopted from the RSPCA but his owner was warned that if he went back to them he was likely to just be pts due to his age and blindness. So she asked us to take him and we were pleased to do so. It was amazing to watch him navgating around his run. He could always work out where he was and find his way about. Blindness is not much of an obstacle to a rabbit. They do live underground afterall! They just need to be on a single level so that they don’t need to jump and not have things moved about too much so they don’t have to be worried about bumping into things. And as blindness is common in old rabbits if is good that they cope with it so well.

He was born in 2008 and had a very dense coat that gave him more trouble than his eyes  so he needed regular grooming. He lived in one of our sheds with Cocoa and Chestnut who washed his eyes for him.