Big Bonnie with us from 2017 – 2018

Big Bonnie was a gorgeous steel grey continental giant doe born in 2017. She came to us with her brother Clyde when they were seven months old because of his feet being really sore and infected although hers were not great either. They were exceedingly friendly and mobbed you when you went into their shed or run. At first she didn’t seem to have the same heart problem as Clyde, but she had malformed hind legs and didn’t grow as well as he did. This was probably the result of inbreeding.

We built them a special covered run so that we could keep their run bedded and their feet dry. This worked really well and their feet became much much better. Clyde also grew a great deal and eats three times as much as the other rabbits and he might get even bigger. He outgrew his breathing difficulties, at least for the moment, but Bonnie’s chest didn’t keep up with her overall size and she found life harder and harder as she struggled to eat because she couldn’t eat and breathe well at the same time. Despite this she remained cheerful and affectionate both with us and with Clyde and their new friend Kiki right up to the end when we lost her at the beginning of May 2018. The heatwave we experienced then was too much for her.