Anemone, with us 2017-20

Anemone was an English marked grey and white lionhead doe born in 2010. Her young owner had left home and left her with her parents who then couldn’t look after her any more because they were moving. She came in 2017 with a companion, Hazel, who we sadly lost the same year to a heart condition. She then lived with Oak for years until he passed away. She used to  delight in shoving the bedding out of her hutch for some reason only known to herself but thankfully gave it up with her next companion Parsley.

Sadly Parsley wasn’t with us for long as he was in very poor health when he arrived. We tried and tried to rebond Anemone but she dived straight in to attack whoever we put her with and given her age we couldn’t risk them turning the tables on her. So for a while she is lived alongside Hamish in a divided run. Albeit a very big divided run. They each had roughly 6ft by 12 ft and she has an area to dig in. It would be nice if they had  fallen in love through the fence but it never happened.

Anemone did finally find love again when Kovu moved in with her after his life long companion and sister Nala died. He just ignored her grumping and carried on with his favourite passtime of sleeping in the sun. She clearly didn’t regard him as a threat and accepted him much as she had accepted Parsley. They really are fussy about their companions. They spent the end of the winter and the beginning of spring together but sadly something went seriously wrong with Anemone and she quickly faded over a short time period. She continued eating but the weight rapidly dropped off her and one day she simply stopped. Given she was over ten this wasn’t too surprising. I am so glad Kovu was there to fill her final days with love. We have now put him with another feisty doe so he can work his magic on her. So far it is going well.