Dandelion is a  ginger and white butterfly marked dwarf lop buck who was found in a field along with some other starving rabbits. It was a bit of a puzzle as he was in far better condition than the others and was clean and is really sweet natured and friendly as if he had been well loved, whereas the others were filthy and listless and very close to dying as they were so very very thin; indeed there was a dead one among them when a passer by spotted them and brought them to us. They didn’t get like that in a field full of grass. Someone must have realised they had forgotten to feed them and dumped them to get rid of the problem. I suspect Dandelion came from somewhere else, perhaps from the person who found them. Anyway he is happy here and  lived with Moonriver for several years. I estimate that he was about two to three when he arrived. He is quite quiet and although quite friendly Moonriver didn’t allow people to pay him any attention as she was rather possessive. He  now lives with Tia who is much more outgoing so he might be happy to haave more attention.