Clover is a white lionhead doe.  She came to us at the end of November 2014 having been found in a field with her family, starving, emaciated and filthy in a huddle around the body of one of her offspring. She was as thin as any rabbit I have ever seen and as filthy. She could not have been far from death herself. The minute we put them in a cage they started to eat and hardly stopped for a week. She was probably about six months old when she arrived, so was probably born in early 2014. When she arrived we were convinced she was pregnant again, although it turned out she wasn’t which must mean that Dandelion who was brought to us with them actually came from somewhere else as if they had been together she certainly would have been. He was also in far better condition than the other three.

She and her daughter Thistle live with one of our trustees in with her two big white lops and they thoroughly enjoy digging up her garden. It is just about impossible to tell the two of them apart now they are the same size. We think Clover is the bossy one.