Bramble is a black and white lionhead buck with butterfly markings. He came to us at the end of November 2014 having been found in a field with his family, starving, emaciated and filthy in a huddle around the body of one of his siblings. He was as thin as any rabbit I have ever seen. He could not have been far from death himself. The minute we put him in a cage he started to eat and he hardly stopped for a week. His weight went from just 0.73kg to 1.03kg in 10 days! He had somewhat misaligned front teeth but those have corrected themselves now he has a good diet. He was probably about three months old when he arrived, so was probably born in August 2014. He has been neutered and has been bonded with Severn and Daisy.

Grown up Bramble

Over the next year  he became a stunningly handsome rabbit with a flowing mane and the most amazing eyes. You would never guess what poor condition he came to us in!

Since Severn passed away in 2018 he lives with just Daisy.