Kovu is a big lionlop buck with ginger butterfly markings. He came to us in November 2014 with his partner Nala, and another pair, after having waited for a place since February, when we were only able to take the single rabbits, Skye and Bambi from his owner whose circumstances had changed drasticly meaning she could no longer keep all her animals. We were told that Kovu was born in 2008. He is a very feisty lad and he and Nala who is his half sister, argue a lot. He used to be rather overweight and when he arrived he had a sore belly. He did not appreciate having this treated and now is a bit stroppy with me. Rather like Melody:~ But he hasn’t managed to bite me hard yet. Update – he got me. I had a big bruise on my arm! He manages it every so often if I am foolish enough to clean the hutch with him in it. I usually remember to lift him out before he goes for me but he is patient and waits quietly for the opportunity just sitting there sweetly as if butter wouldn’t melt and then … pounce!

For a lionlop he needs remarkably little grooming these days, particularly given how much he loves to dig. He is often filthy in the evening but by morning he has tidied himself up again. He quickly lost the excess weight and has been on the thun side ever since. He really really hated my cleaning his bottom when he arrived. He made sure it never needed it again.

Sadly Kovu’s sister and partner Nala died at the end of Oct 2019. He is being introduced to Anemone as a potential new partner. It seems to be going well but they are a bit too alike in grumpiness to trust that it is going to work. They are both over ten and really ought to be a bit less feisty by this time in their lives.

Kovu and Anemone, a work in progress…