Zach, with us from 2014-2018.

Zachary was an Abyssinian tricoloured male guinea pig born at the sanctuary in April 2014 after his mum and dad, Winifred and Eliot, came to the sanctuary in a box together. Neither parent was more than a few months older than him. Guinea pigs can reproduce once they reach just one month old, although the gestation is over two months. This is why it is essential to separate male babies from their mothers by four weeks of age. Zach had to leave the group he was born in affter just those four weeks and move in with Jack Frost. An adult male will usually accept a baby of that age quite easily, although often with great excitement. It is important to give the baby a retreat into which the adult does not fit to provide a respite. These two were then fostered to keep them from fighting due to the scent of females at the Sanctuary. Zach was next neutered and lived with two ladypigs in a foster home. Then he and his ladies returned to take up his position as Mayor of Sowcester with the rest of his harem when the position became vacant.

He is a very active lively lad, although a bit worryingly thin. There is no identifiable problem but he is only half the size of his sister Phoebe. But as his Dad, who was very rotund, died young of heart problems his slenderness may be a good thing.

Zach became increasingly thin over the summer of 2018, although he remained lively and happy right up until he passed away in September.