Phoebe with us 2014-19

Phoebe was a ginger female guinea pig with a white crest born at the sanctuary in April 2014 after her mum and dad, Winifred and Eliot, came to the sanctuary in a box together with three other females who fortunately were not pregnant. Neither parent was more than a few months older than her. Guinea pigs can reproduce once they reach just one month old, although the gestation is over two months. This is why it is essential to separate male babies from their mothers by four weeks of age. Phoebe lived in the group into which she was born in one of our villages with her mum ( until she died) and her aunties. She was never kept in a cagebut always had the freedom to roam in a large space. She grew into an enormous guinea pig and changed colour to a much darker shade. We think she didn’t like looking so much like Hattie. She was Zach’s sister.