Jolie, with us from 2014 until 2018.

Jolie was a long haired dark eyed white female guinea pig born in 2014. She came to us as a baby¬† with her sister Theadora because they had ring worm, which we rapidly cleared up. She lived with Gordon’s group in one of our villages. She had an amazing collection of lumps and gave us a scare in 2017 when she chewed one open and it got infected. It didn’t start healing properly for ages as she kept reopening it and we were on the verge of giving up when it finally began to look better, and after a month with it firmly bandaged it finally healed and has been fine since. Sophie was her mother and Sophie is her younger sister they came to us a year later.

Jolie died in February 2018 from heart failure. Sadly guinea pigs often don’t live past four years old and can suddenly go downhill as she did.