Ivy with us 2013-19

Ivy  was a small blue grey Netherland Dwarf cross doe. She was born in 2012 or earlier. She came to us in 2013 after her owner’s other rabbit was killed by a fox as it was no longer safe to let her outside and she was rather destructive inside and did not get on with the other remaining rabbit. She lived with Alvin and Fern in one of our enclosures until she and Alvin became unwell and it became clear that Fern was bullying them too much. They were put in with Nutbrown and Dachs and she was given intensive gut support to relieve the impaction that developed after she was vaccinated. The reduction in stress and the extra stimulation of the big run has helped her to recover somewhat but it was always likely to be a recurring problem and it was what she inevitably succombed to but she had a good year in the big shed and run and enjoyed mothering the old boys.

Ivy, Dachs, Nutbrown and Alvin Feb 2019
Fern, Ivy and Alvin Feb 2018