Chester, with us 2013-2020

Chester was a grey and white Dutch buck with a deformed tail. He came to us in September 2013 when his partner Arwen was returned to us when thier owners could no longer look after them. He was about five then. He  lived with Willow and August in one of our sheds for a long time but he and Willow were bonded with Raspberry and then went into our group of oldies and now live in the biggest shed.

He had never been very mobile but  got even stiffer as he got older. He used to have a dose o an anti inflammatory daily to help keep him mobile after he began to struggle to stand up in the morning. Towards the end he also needed antibiotics and gut stimulants, but he enjoyed his life right until his last day, when he was out in the run during the day only coming in for his dinner as usual.

Willow, Chester and August