Buttercup, with us 2013-19

Buttercup was an agouti crossbreed doe, born in Oct 2012. She arrived in Feb 2013 with her littermates and a  grumpy Netherland Dwarf. One of the littermates was disabled from having injured her hips probably from being chased by the Nethie in the crowded confined space of the small indoor cage in which all four were living and putting a foot through the bars and badly twisting herself.

Karu and his Day Girls

Buttercup  lived with her healthy littermate Orchid at the home of one of our trustees where they had a part time husbun who slept in the house but joined his girls outside during the day. This was a very unusual arrangement, you wouldn’t expect it to work but it did.I

Buttercup joined him in the house after her sister died.