The Sanctuary is located on the Northeast side of a ridge behind a row of houses and gets very little sun at ground level during the winter. The beginning of February is when it starts to reach the ground again and it makes the rabbits and the humans all very happy. The humans much prefer working in the sunshine and the rabbits enjoy sunbathing while they watch the humans work. This arrangement might seem rather unfair on the humans but believe me I wouldn’t have wanted to sunbathe today. The wind was bitter. That activity was definitely best left to those with fur coats. I kept warm by vigorously cleaning hutches while the other humans covered the leaky hay shed with a tarp to keep the rain out. And very nice it looks too. I should have taken a photo. I will add one tomorrow.


But I did get some sun pics:

The Return of the Sun
Saffron and the Primroses
Saxifrage and the Primroses