Juniper, with us from 2013 -2018


Juniper was a red eyed white British Giant buck born in 2012. He and his sister Rosehip came to us in 2013 as they had both mutilated their tails. Rosehip also had a nasty wound where he had kicked her too so we first thought they had done it to each other when chasing. But later we realised they were overgrooming themselves as well as each other. We got their tails healed and then they did it again. We got them healed again. For a while they were more interested in digging than in self mutilation so their tails  had a reprieve. Rosehip even dug a hole in the concrete floor when they were in a stable; that was quite impressive! Their more recent diggings started as just a 3cm gap between the netting and the slabs, then it became a deep burrow that they disappeared down and their run was covered in great lumps of clay they dug out of it. They were both more brown than white for several months. However they eventually grew bored of that and started on their tails again:( Yet again I healed them. This cycle continued until they only had very short stumps left and Juniper came down with snuffles and Rosehip with a facial abscess. Since being on antibiotics they only had a go at their tails once when the weather was very wet and they kept getting soggy.

Juniper and Rosehip

After we lost his sister Rosehip to her horrendous abscess we bonded Juniper with Maat and Minerva but  he was left with only Minerva after Maat passed away. He became very frail in 2017 and couldn’t cope with uneven surfaces so they  moved into in the barn where they had the run of the main floor area as well as a stable. Sadly giants don’t live as long as smaller rabbits as they don’t scale up well. The strain on their hearts and an inadequete lung capacity contribute to early ill health and they are prone to hip trouble too. He also had tear duct infections and snuffles. I have been expecting to lose him since last spring and he kept going well into this winter but finally in February 2018 he lost the use of his hind legs entirely and the difficult decision was made to say goodbye to him. He will will be greatly missed, not least by Minerva.

Juniper, Maat and Minerva