Chestnut with us 2011-19

Chestnut was a sooty fawn dwarf lop buck born in 2009. He came to us after intimidating his family so much that they couldn’t cope with him. You have to admire a cute fluffy creature who can scare people like that!! He was two years old at that time. He lived for a while with with Zion and Angel. He tried to boss them about as he was a very dominant rabbit but somehow they turned the tables on him and he was rather hen pecked for a while. As he was not happy we decided to rebond him.



He lived with Cookie for a while until Cookie also started to bully him. Then we put him with Cocoa and Biscuit. Strange that he was able to boss humans about but three little lion heads were able to get the better of him! He seemed much better off with those two, perhaps because they were also lops. Uppy eared rabbits seem to get a bit frustrated with the lops inability to communicate properly. A rabbits ears are a big indicator of their thoughts and intentions. A lop is basically mute and is often deaf from ear infections caused by the lack of air getting into the ears on top of that meaning that they are a lot slower on the uptake than uppy eared rabbits. Being a lop is rather a disability. It is such a shame that people keep breeding them when their suffering is inevitable. They are much more likely to have health problems. Generally the closer a rabbit is to a wild rabbit the healthier they will be.


That said Chestnut was still quite a character. He occasionally still grumped at someone. One got the impression that this was more for the sake of his reputation than from any real grudge he still held. Overall he seemed content and was actually very healthy for a lop. His biggest problem was his coat which was extremely dense and didn’t allow moulted fur to fall away but needed combing. That is another problem common in lops as they were originally a fur breed. He used to get in an incredibly revolting state when he was with Cookie as Cookie had not been neutered because he was old and in very poor health when he came to us and was constantly spraying poor Chestnut with urine to make sure everyone knew he belonged to Cookie. Thankfully neither Cocoa nor Biscuit did that. After Biscuit died I tried several times to add another rabbit to the group but again he proved a problem. But at the end when he became very frail and Cocoa surprisingly died before he did I was able to put him into the big group of oldies so he wasn’t alone at the end.

Chestnut with Willow, Nutbrown, Dachs and Chester not long before he died in July 2019