Autumn, with us 2010-2017, lived to ten years old.

Autumn was a castor rex buck who came to us in 2010 along with three littermates because his owner was unwell and unable to look after them anymore. He was about three at the time.

He lived with his sister Summer for many happy years in one of our enclosures. He had to put up with her pouncing on him every evening at dinner time in defence of her food but otherwise they got on well. For years it was a ritual for him to run around the hutch a couple of times to build up momentum to dive past her.

As he got old he developed cataracts and went completely blind. Rabbits usually cope very well without being able to see but he coped less well than most possibly because he had chronic snuffles and couldn’t read the scents as well as a rabbit would normally be able to. He got very frail towards the end and rarely ventured into the run but maintained a good appetite throughout. We always refer to the greedy rexes as they always love their food and will eat just about any exotic vegetable you could throw at them. Even courgettes that other rabbits and even guinea pigs normally despise. He died at Christmas 2017 aged ten.