Yesterday and today have been far warmer than it has been for ages and than it is forecast to be in the coming weeks so I needed to take advantage of it and get the guinea pigs bathed. They really suffer from itchy skin if it is not done regularly, at least once every two months. Since the last time it was warm enough was in November they were all in need. I did the first group yesterday which fit in well as Saturday is my usual grooming day and there are other people here to get other work done. But today it was just me and half the rabbit hutches needed cleaning too. I would have moved that to a different day but it was raining yesterday and is going to rain tomorrow as well as be much colder. So both jobs had to be done today. I am pleased to say that I managed it. All the guinea pigs are nice and clean and comfortable and the rabbits have nice clean beds too. And I even found time to take a few pics of rabbits and snowdrops.