Rose is a blue grey lionlop doe who was about two when she came to us in October 2009. She was  part of a group of 14 who were given to us because of her owners mental health trouble. The group included Old Bonnie, who of course wasn’t Old then. They were the last rabbits that we took in with the intention of rehoming. She had had a litter but the owner wouldn’t let her babies come to us as they were so pretty. I dread to think of the sort of lives they probably lived as opposed to the one they could have had. She was reserved several times as she was a very beautiful young doe, soft and sleek, but she fought with all her external suitors as her nature doesn’t at all match her looks so she stayed here. She is extremely dominant. But she lived with Cascade for years and years until he died in 2017, they were a good match. They were both very wary of people but loved their life together in their big enclosure. After she lost Cascade he was rebonded to Basil who she has firmly under her paw despite his expectation that he is king of the buniverse and ought to be bowed to. It actually took little more than a firm stare to establish her as boss. Basil thought he would be in charge, but she KNOWS that she IS in charge!

She suffers from ear problems as do most older lops as well as suffering bouts of stasis when she moults so keeping her well groomed is essential but she is still in generally good condition and is very active for her age.