Hopper Haven from the road

Hopper Haven doesn’t look like much from the front but it is much more than one would imagine. Visitors always comment about how much bigger it seems on the inside. Like a Rabbit Tardis! Hopefully this website will be similar and will help you explore what we do and come to appreciate that the small things in life are indeed very important. Details matter. Small animals matter. The way we treat those less powerful than ourselves speaks volumes about us. When we bring a creature into our family we have a responsibility towards them and the way we carry out that responsibility will shape who we are and how we answer other calls on us during our lives. A person who mistreats animals often goes on to hurt people too. Animals can help us move towards being better people. This is a huge gift and we should value it.

Modern life with it’s frantic pace and digital focus can separate us from what is natural, from the core details of life. Hopper Haven is an oasis away from that. The lives the animals live here offer a glimpse at what is possible. It is a way to redress the balance. Humans have brought these animals into the world and neglected and failed to appreciate them but other humans are taking care, taking responsibility and making amends, whether by being directly involved or by supporting what we do. It makes the whole world of difference to the animals able to live here and is a positive thing in the lives of the people involved and hopefully has ripples that spread outwards into the wider world.

Please come in and explore, meet the residents, follow their lives, follow the seasons.

doorkeeper (otherwise known as Louise)


Bigger on the inside.