Myra with us from 2009 – 2018.

Myra was an English marked lionhead doe with a flaming temper. She came to us in June 2009, but it was not our first encounter with her. We rehomed a buck to live with her in 2008, and she bit the homechecker. Her owners moved and did not want to take her with them. Considering her temperament I am not surprised. When she got here she was bullying the little buck we had bonded to her so we separated them and found him a much nicer companion. Her we found a nastier companion for! Another of our biters, Rook. They got on fairly well and never hurt each other and even became quite close as they got old. She was happy with Rook but he passed away at the age of ten in 2017 and we had a dreadful time rebonding her as she kept attacking prospective partners and was in danger of getting herself murdered as she had become a little old lady and was not the elite warrior she thought she was! She just doesn’t seem to want to act in a fashion more in keeping with her advanced age. We finally managed to bond her to Jolly and it lasted for several months but when he became unwell her redoubled merciless bullying became untenable and we separated them. In early 2018 we managed to bond her to a newly neutered young lionhead buck called Treebeard thinking his hormones would make him so happy to be with her that he would put up with her behaviour. To our surprise he was a strong enough character to make her behave but wasn’t nasty about it, just firm. So she spent her last six months with us being nice and having lots of quality snuggles with her toyboy whilst being careful to behave herself.

She was quite healthy and active right up until the last couple of months but then had some issues with tear duct infections causing weepy eyes, and then skin trouble and impaction and mammary growths. She left us in June 2018.