Eric, with us 2008-2017, lived to ten years old

Eric was a gorgeous speckled dwarf lop buck with butterfly pattern markings and a charming moustache. He came to us in May 2008 with several others from someone who’s health meant that she could no longer manage her rabbits. He was born in 2007. He was an extremely feisty buck and was rehomed and returned twice due to fighting. For years we had to keep he and his companion Sassia where they could not see other rabbits otherwise they would fight and do each other lots of damage. They had to be separated on several occasions, but would accept no other partner, so we always end up rebonding them after patching up their injuries. Eventually we were able to move them out of their shed into a hutch and run, they coped well with the change and enjoyed getting more sunlight. I think age had somewhat mellowed them. Eric is friendly with people, especially if you have food for him. Later still they moved back into a shed but this time among the other rabbits. Eric loved it and took to showing off with enormous binkies at dinner time despite being nine by then. His specialities were the helicopter where he would spin in the air with his feet held out like rotor blades and the half turn in the air from one side of Sassia to the other. Sadly Sassia passed away in 2015. Eric was surprisingly easy to rebond, due to his age one must suppose, but didn’t have much luck keeping his new friends and outlived several. At the end he lived with Melody. He was put to sleep in late 2017 at the age of ten and a half having lost his mobility and suffering from the scourge of lops, severe ear infections and associated head tilt.

Eric with Sandstone