Old Bonnie – with us from 2009 – 2018

Bonnie was a brown and white speckled lop butterfly marked doe with a moustache. She came to us with her litter of five in October 2009 due to her owners mental health issues. She was Butterfly’s mother, but outlived her. She was adult when she arrived, probably about two years old. She was rehomed twice, the second time to live with Spark when he lost his first partner but they were returned in August 2013 after her owners moved to a house with a fox infested garden that curtailed their freedom of movement.

Spark and Old Bonnie

She and Spark settled back in well, and enjoy their retirement in one of our biggest enclosures. She suffered from a degree of ear trouble as do most lops, and had become quite frail but still made full use of her run right up to the end. We refered to her as Old Bonnie as we had a Big Bonnie too.