Spark with us from 2008 – 2018

Spark was an agouti lop buck born in August 2008 who came to us in October 2008 as part of an accidental litter. He was rehomed in May 2009 but returned in August 2013 when his family moved to a house with a fox infested garden. He lived with Old Bonnie in one of the enclosures. He was a bit of grump and recently bit me. He had the inevitable ear problems that come with being a lop, abscesses and a paralysed face from pressure on the nerve but coped well and got the most out of life. He has an incredibly dense coat¬† and needs a thorough grooming and bottom trim every month to avoid his becoming a bedraggled mess. Lops’ coats can be worse than those of lionheads.

Spark and Old Bonnie in the snow, December 2017