Severn, with us 2008-2019

Severn was a harlequin dwarf lop buck. He came to us at just four days old with his mother, father and the rest of the accidental litter he was part of in March 2008. The whole litter was named after rivers after one of them weeed all over a visitor. He was rehomed to live with Sapphire when her sister (from another accidental litter that we took in in 2007) died in 2008 and then was returned with her when their people could no longer manage the recurrent bouts of stasis from both of them which disappeared when they came back to us.

Severn used to be quite a mischief maker. His favorite trick used to be to shake his gate until it came open and he would then go hop about. One spring he ate the peas that I had planted on the path outside his gate just as they were beginning to grow. They never recovered. But he is getting very old now and is less adventurous, although he still enjoys his diggings. He developed ear problems which  in turn led to his teeth getting crooked so he  had to have all his veg grated. He lived with Bramble and Daisy after his long term partner Sapphire died when she was nine until Daisy got upset with him and he was rebonded with Bilberry.

Severn and Bilberry in the sun, spring 2019
Severn talking to Clyde, autumn 2018