Poplar, with us between 2008 and 2018.

Poplar was a black and white Dutch cross buck who came to us at just under a year old in December 2008 at the request of another rescue that was trying to close. He and his brother Humbug were fighting badly and so had each been confined to half a three foot hutch. His brother had nearly castrated him and the wound was infected. When the vet finished the job he bled badly and had to become intimate with a bag of frozen peas. It took six weeks and another operation to clear the blood clots and infection. He was rehomed but later returned when his partner became ill. He was a lively happy rabbit who quite liked people despite all the nasty business of his wound. He was bonded with Mayfly after losing his long-term partner Mermaid after nursing her through a long illness. They had several other companions with them to form trios or foursomes, as they were good natured rabbits; at the end they were living with Sid.

Poplar had a touch of snuffles for years but it responded well to treatment despite his age almost to the end. In June 2018 he started to have digestive issues and needed gut stimulants and extra pre and pro biotics, his snuffles worsened and his eye became infected. The extended period of heat proved too much for him and we lost him at the beginning of July 2018.