August with us in 2007 and from 2016-2018

August first came to us in August 2007 with his littermates from an accidental litter. They were all rehomed (we rehomed until 2010, but not since) but August was returned to us nine years later after his partner died because his adopters didn’t want to get another companion for him but they didn’t want him to be alone either.

August and Chester

We bonded him with Willow and Chester who he  lived with from August 2016 when he came back to us. He was eleven when he had to be pts because of a broken leg. He was a bit frail but was otherwise healthy apart from having suddenly gone completely blind from cataracts which made him unsure of his footing. His leg snapped when he slipped on the vinyl floor of the bonding cage when I foolishly tried to add another rabbit to their group. I am so annoyed with myself for trying it. I was standing there ready to remove the new rabbit at the first sign of trouble but it happened so fast:( I feel sick every time I think about it as it needn’t have happened. If I had used newspaper under the hay the way we used to in the conservatory it wouldn’t have happened either, but because it is now in the barn I bedded it with chopped straw not thinking about how slippery it would be. He was such a sweet rabbit, he was licking my hand on the way to the vet. I know he had a good long life but he was still enjoying it. It is much worse losing one when it is your fault.